Stitching a Christmas Robin - Free pattern download

October 6, 2019
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Christmas robin

We have recently joined forces with Lauren from Sew Cosy Patterns to create a range of cute, easy to follow patterns - this is the first (of many we hope) and we would like to share with you as a free pattern download :) Click here for the Robin template xx

Robin Decoration Instructions


1. Cut out the pattern pieces. You should have two body pieces and one tummy piece.

The seam allowance for this pattern is 1cm



2. Embroider the robin’s eyes using a French knot. To create a French knot, pull your thread through to the right side of your fabric. Twist the thread around your needle two or three times, hold the thread taught as you pull the needle back through your fabric.



3. Embroider the wings using backstitch. Create your first stitch, leave a gap (the length of a stitch) before you pull your needle to the front of your fabric. Push the needle though to the back of your fabric at the point where your first stitch ended. Repeat this for the length of the wing.



4. Lay the tummy piece on top of one of the body pieces.The pieces should be right sides together with their bottom edges lined up. Sew along the line shown in the picture, leaving a gap large enough to turn your robin through later.


5. Lay the other edge of the tummy piece along the bottom edge of the second body piece. Sew along the line shown in the picture, there is no need to leave a gap this time.


6. Create a loop of ribbon or twine and place this between the two body pieces with the knot on the outside. Ensure the edges of the two pieces are lined up and sew along the line shown.


7. Flatten the tail so that the tummy piece is at the bottom with the body pieces on top. Open up the seam allowance and sew along the line shown.


8. Clip any curved edges as shown and carefully trim a little of the seam allowance from the corners of the tail and the point of the beak.Turn the fabric through the hole and gently press the seams.


9. Stuff the robin with the toy stuffing, the more the better as this robin looks its best when it’s nice and full. Hand sew the opening closed.



We hope you enjoy making your robin.. please tag us in any of your makes @littlemisssewnsew2017 @sewcosypatterns

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