Lewis & Irene Snow Day Christmas Stocking Panel

October 12, 2018
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Christmas Stockings

Every year, Lewis & Irene launch a new collection of Christmas 'panels'. This year, from the Snow Day collection, I have in stock the Christmas Stocking panels and the table placemat and table runner panel. From Hygge Christmas I have the Advent Calendar panel.

This blog post is to give you some guidance on how to make a fully lined pair of Christmas Stockings! I have chosen a great quality calico to line the stockings as it gives them some rigidity - you can opt to add this to your order when buying the Stocking panel. Each panel comes with 4 sides to make 2 stockings.

Christmas stockings

So to construct the stockings, cut the pieces out from the panel and use a piece to trace round on the calico, you need two lining pieces per stocking. It's a good idea to cut the lining slightly smaller than the stocking so that it all fits neatly inside (this picture doesn't show this due to the angle it was taken!!!)

DIY Christmas stockings

Place each lining piece against a stocking piece, right sides together and stitch, press open the seams so that they look like this..

Place one stocking side and the lining on top of the other, right sides together. Place a piece of ribbon folded, between the two pieces on the heel side of the stocking as shown, pin together before stitching.

When pinning the lining together, leave a gap of a few inches as this will be used to turn the stocking through. Stitch together starting at one end of the gap, all the way around the lining and stocking and ending at the other end of the gap.

Trim some seam allowances and clip the curves so that the finish is smooth.

Put your hand through the gap and pull the stocking through so that it's the correct way out. Stitch the gap closed and give it all a good press.

Push the lining through in to the stocking and give it all another really good press and your stocking is complete! If you're lucky to have a fireplace then these will look gorgeous over the Christmas period - if like me you don't then hang them wherever you like - windows sills work well for us!!

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