It’s The Easter Holidays

April 6, 2017
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It’s the Easter holidays and like many working Mum’s I’m currently juggling working, along with keeping the house tidy(ish), answering endless questions, breaking up fights, cleaning up glitter.. the list is endless!  As I type I’m sat in McDonalds, in equal measures it’s a little sanctuary whilst the kids are off in the soft play and I get some time to think and then absolute hell on earth as my time to think is interrupted by ear piercing screams – and I’ve just put my elbow in squashed fish finger!!

The weather here in Sussex today has been pretty miserable so we have been at home most of the day which at times has been rather nice (these are the times when Netflix is on), I took delivery of some gorgeous Michael Miller fabrics and found some time to make my youngest, Elsie, a cute Easter skirt out of the Michael Miller Bunny Tracks in blueberry.  It’s such a simple, no pattern make that I thought I would share here!

Easy peasy Easter skirt

This gorgeous little skirt can be made in under an hour and only takes half a metre of fabric!  I am making for my rather tall 6 year old, she wears 7 year old clothing so she does come up rather long!  

First of all, measure the length you would like your skirt and add 2.5 inches, then cut to the correct length along the width of the fabric.  If you are making a skirt for a younger child and the length is 25cm or less then you can add more width to the skirt therefore creating more fullness by sewing together an additional side seam.

Measure the width of the waist and take away 1 inch – this is the length to cut your elastic.  Now you’re ready to sew.

With right sides together, leaving ¼ inch seam allowance, sew the side seam of the skirt.  If like me you have an overlock stitch on your machine then finish the edge with this, if not a zig zag stitch will do just as well, press the seam flat to one side.

Now to sew the casing for the elastic.  First fold over the upper edge of the fabric by about ¼ inch, and press in place with an iron.  Then fold over again making a casing the same size as the elastic you’re using so that there is space to thread the elastic through.  I’m using inch wide elastic so I folded over just over an inch to leave the wiggle through space.

With a pencil or fabric pen, mark two marks about an inch or so apart, this is your start and stop position for stitching so that you leave a gap to thread the elastic through.  Stitch close to the folded edge, starting and ending with a back stitch to make sure the seams don’t come apart when you’re threading through the elastic.

The easiest way to thread the elastic through is with a large safety pin, thread it through the casing and overlap each end of the elastic by an inch.  You then sew the two ends together, I suggest a loose stitch at first so that you can check the tightness of the waist band on your chosen model – once happy sew a stronger stitch, I stitched in a square with a cross through the middle as it’s a really strong way to join the elastic!

Then, whilst pulling the waistband flat, top stitch the gap together.

Nearly there, just the hem to do!  Fold the hem under by half an inch, press, then another half an inch, press and top stitch in place.

Voila – an Easter skirt in under an hour!

Head over to our website in the Michael Miller folder where you can purchase everything you need to make this skirt (except the thread) for only £6!  That’s a saving of 40p on the fabric and we are throwing in the elastic for free (we’re nice like that)!!/Easy-Peasy-Easter-skirt/p/82741279/category=22738503

Ps – this is where I was going to add a picture of Elsie wearing the Easter skirt – she wasn’t playing ball, I gave up trying!

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