*Guest Blog Post* Introducing.. Samantha Cooley

April 22, 2018
written by:
Samantha Cooley

I'm going to write a blog???

We all have that one friend... you know the one... the one that does the school run with perfect make up, an outfit that actually matches and never has a hair out of place… that friend. The one whose house looks like it has escaped from a magazine photo… that friend. Just to be clear at the start... I am NOT that friend! I wish I were together and organised but I’m not. I’m the mum that arrived at school feeling thankful that I’d managed to put on matching shoes and drag a brush through my hair, the mum where you were more likely to step on a stray Lego brick in my home than an immaculately vacuumed rug. My husband always (half) jokes that I’m missing the tidy gene... my house has never been the sort of place that anyone would want to photograph! But I’m also the mum you would come to when you needed to sort out your kids costume for the assembly/book day or the school play. I’m the mum that sews.

So, what am I doing here? I have to be honest and say I’m not much of a dressmaker… my kids are teenagers now and they don’t really want the things they think I can make but I’ve been buying fabrics from Little Miss Sew ’n’ Sew for a few months now and I send Nikola pictures of things I’ve made. A couple of weeks ago she asked me if I’d be interested in writing a guest blog and some tutorials and after pondering the question for about a millisecond I said sure… then I realised what I’d done and doubt set in! What could I add to the blog Nikola writes? And for that matter… What do I know about writing?.... absolutely zero! I was on the point of messaging back and saying I couldn’t do it but then I realised something… I know sewing… and what it’s like to want to sew but only have that little bit of time between school drop off and nursery pick up, between the time your youngest goes for their afternoon nap and the time when you have to leave for the second school run. I know what it’s like to have a limited budget and 5 birthday parties requiring presents in one month. I know what it’s like to try and make a house into a home when the shops all seem to stock the same things that don’t reflect your taste at all… An idea was born.

I would write tutorials that focus on things for the home and gifts. Projects that can be broken down into sections so that when you have to break off to get on with everyday life you can walk away and still feel like you have accomplished something… projects with bits you can do in the car whilst you wait for yet another ballet/swimming/music lesson to finish. Projects that you are proud to give as gifts, things you know will be useful and things you will be happy to use and display in your own home. Projects that make us face our fears and tackle the bits that stop us doing a project because we are afraid of them… for me that’s zips… stretch fabric… cutting with a rotary cutter… using a sewing pattern… I could go on and on! Most importantly tutorials with a ton of pictures… wherever possible step by step pictures, I find it so much easier to follow pictures than words….especially when I’m being interrupted for the 10 millionth time by a child/husband!


I hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks as I (hopefully) conquer some of my fears and maybe even end up with a tiny area of my home worthy of a photo in a magazine!


Samantha x

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