Elsie and Gigi’s Flutterby Dress

April 24, 2017
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I first started sewing when my daughter Elsie was 2 years old.  I started with some bunting and cushions and then wanted to start sewing for my little girl, especially with all the gorgeous fabrics that were available!  A friend of mine handed me a pattern for a basic girls’ dress.  It ended up being a dress that I turn to for all seasons every year!  Using a metre of fabric, it’s made up of only 4 pieces, the front dress, back dress and the two sleeves.  There are no buttons or zips, just some elastic to thread through casing, the result is an easy to wear, versatile dress.

Jodie also started sewing when her little girl Gigi was 2 years old and I showed her how to put together this dress, between us over the years we must have made this dozens of time and it doesn’t get boring, with trims, beautiful fabrics and lengths to play with, this dress will always be our turn to dress when wanting to create something quickly!

There are lots of variations on the internet, it can be called a Peasant dress, a Butterfly dress or a Winged dress, we have called our dress a Flutterby dress.. when Elsie was little she just couldn’t say ‘butterfly’ it was always a ‘flutterby’ and that seems to have stuck, even today!

I think this dress can be made in an hour – 2 hours maximum if you are a new stitcher!  It’s a really straight forward pattern but if you get stuck at any point there’s a comments box here in the blog to ask our stitching community!  And if you are careful as to how you cut your fabric, there should be plenty left to make a matching accessory, a tote bag, hair band or a little dress for bunny!

If you would like to try this dress yourself, we have decided to share our pattern with a special offer on some of our non designer fabrics, we are offering for you to make a girls dress for only £6!  Follow THIS LINK to our ‘Discover non-designer (and still pretty gorgeous) folder where you can find the pattern and a choice of 4 different fabrics to make it in!  And please remember to SHARE your Flutterby dresses with us, we would love to see them!

Let’s get Stitching!

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