Welcome to Little Miss Sew ‘n’ Sew!

February 2, 2017
written by:
Nikola & Jodie

So here we are – our first ever blog!!  Let us introduce ourselves, we are two busy, working Mums, Nikola and Jodie.  Between us we have 5 little ones ranging from 6 months old to 7 years!  Somehow, between the madness of our brood, we do find some time for ourselves, if not surviving with a well-earned glass of wine we like to relax with our sewing machines.  In fact, our love of sewing and fabric brought us together.  We see each other daily on the school run, albeit at the moment it’s a hurried hello whilst dodging the inevitable school run downpours! 

We both love our hobby (sewing that is, not drinking wine - well we love that too!)  We don’t profess to be the most professional stitchers however we strongly believe that anyone who can follow instructions and can stitch a straight line with a sewing machine can soon learn to sew!  It’s this that we are going to encourage through our online community.  We are passionate believers that anyone who finds that their lives are hectic can slow down the pace a little, by finding some quiet time to concentrate on a project.  Sewing to us is relaxing and it gives us a sense of achievement that we can do something for ourselves and have a finished product at the end, that we can say ‘we did that’.

Did we mention that we love fabric?  Oh we really do – and if our husbands are reading this then every single metre purchased is essential for planned projects, we would never ever buy fabrics ‘just because’ and we would never ever stock pile pretty fabrics just to look at and sometimes for being far too beautiful to cut (convinced yet??!)  To feed our addiction we are turning our little fabric obsession in to our very own fabric boutique, and we hope you follow us on the journey to setting up our online boutique and sewing community every stitch of the way.

We’re so excited about our new venture that here on our blog we’re going to encourage everyone to get stitching.  Little Miss Sew ‘n’ Sew has lots and lots of lovely patterns starting with some great first projects, which the most novice of stitchers can follow!  There will be offers on our beautiful range of hand selected fabrics from our boutique to get you started on your projects, so watch this space!  

For now, we would like to share with you some of our past projects, the pictures are from our personal collection, we hope this gives an idea of some of the patterns and tutorials we will be offering here on our blog.  As our boutique grows, so will our range of fabric and accessories.  For now, we want to offer the fabrics that we really love from the designers that we can’t get enough of as well as some wonderful fabrics from lesser known suppliers.

We look forward to meeting you all via our online community so stick with us, it’s coming.. watch this space!!

Nikola and Jodie xx 

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